1Wire True AC Power Meter / Energy counter

September 12, 2014 – 7:29 pm

New 1Wire device available. 1Wire True AC Power Meter / Energy counter.  79.00 Euro/pcs.

Works together (is supported by)  SNMP temperature/agent, master device.

Based on Microchip MCP3911 Analog Front End chip.

DSPIC33F for 64bit Math calculation, 4Ksps.

PIC16F for 1Wire communications, isolated with optocouplers by 230V part.

It’s made for 230V AC, European version.

Precision class 0.5


IRMS, up to 16A, resolution 1mA

URMS, from 170VAC to 300VAC, resolution 100mV

Active Power, resolution 1W

Reactive Power, resolution 1VAR

Apparent Power, resolution 1VA

Power factor, from 0.100 to 1.000

Energy counter, up to 999999.999 KWh

The device have an 20Amp relay protection, that can be set to switch off

the output at Low or High voltage detection.

Can be connected, up to 8 devices on the same 1Wire bus.


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